This institution offers instructions in three year Diploma Course leading to the award of Diploma in the Respective field of Engineering

Sl.No Name of the course Duration Sanctioned Strength
1 Diploma in Civil Engineering 3 years,6 Semesters 60
2 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 3 years,6 Semesters 60
3 Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering 3 years,6 Semesters 60
4 Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering 3 years,6 Semesters 60
5 Diploma in Computer Engineering 3 years,6 Semesters 60

Qualification & Eligibility Rules

For Admission to Ist Year Diploma Course

Condition for admission to the diploma courses

  • shall be required to have passed in the S.S.L.C. Examination of the Board of Secondary Education, Tamilnadu.
  • The Anglo Indian High School Examination with eligibility for Higher Secondary Course in Tamilnadu.
  • The Matriculation Examination of Tamilnadu.
  • Any other Examination recognized as equivalent to the above by the Board of Secondary Education, Tamilnadu.

Note: In addition, at the time of admission the candidate have to satisfy certain minimum requirements, which may be prescribed from time to time.

Selection shall be made under five categories following the rules of reservation in force at the time of publication of the selection list.

  • Open Competition
  • Backward Class Reservation
  • MBC / DNC Reservation
  • Schedule Caste Reservation
  • Schedule Tribe Reservation

Selection of eligible candidates for the courses in the Polytechnic College will be made based on the total marks secured in the qualifying examination and the ranking will be done in the order of total marks secured by the candidates in the SSLC / Equivalent examination following communal reservation. In respect of candidates whose maximum marks in the qualifying examination is more than 500 as per scheme, the maximum marks will be reduced to a base of 500 and rank arrived at along with other candidates. And here, you’ll find jocuri casino online gratis. Adhere to the website link!

For Admission to IInd Year Diploma Course
(Under Lateral Entry Scheme)

A pass in HSC (Academic) or (Vocational) courses mentioned in the Higher Secondary Schools in Tamilnadu affiliated to the Tamilnadu Higher Secondary Board with eligibility for university courses of study or equivalent examination, and should have studied the following subjects.

  • Academic with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry (OR) Vocational Engineering with Mathematics.

Selection shall be made under five categories following the rules of reservation in force at the time of publication of the selection list.

  • Open Competition
  • Backward Class Reservation
  • MBC / DNC Reservation
  • Schedule Caste Reservation
  • Schedule Tribe Reservation

Selection of eligible candidates will be made by ranking of all candidates put together as academic and vocational. The candidates are selected on the basis of total marks secured in the +2 examinations (i.e. out of 1200). The candidates shall be considered for admission to any one of the branch/discipline of the Diploma irrespective of the branch of his study in HSC(V)

Note: Candidates who have studied Commerce Subjects are not eligible for Engineering Diploma Courses.

General Rules and Regulations

  • Everyday we start our work with a morning assembly.
  • All should be present in time
  • Students should come only in the prescribed uniform. Boys should tuck their shirts and wear black shoes. Girls should wear black cut shoes.
  • Students have to be regular and punctual for classes.
  • All the students must bring this Hand Book everyday.
  • If a student loses the handbook, a duplicate has to be obtained by paying Rs. 200/-
  • Perfect order and discipline should be maintained within the Polytechnic premises. Indiscipline, misconduct or irregularity will render a student liable for suitable punishment.
  • Students should not loiter about on the verandah or in the campus during class hours. While moving around for practical or other purposes, no inconvenience should be caused to the normal work in progress.
  • In the lecture hall when the Lecturer enters all the students in the class should stand up and remain standing until they are asked to take their respective seats.
  • Every student is responsible for the safety, care and proper use of tools, apparatus, and equipment during practical training and also the furniture. In case of damage to any of these, either the cost of replacement or charge for repairs as found necessary will be recovered from the concerned student or students.
  • Any writing or scribbling on the furniture or on the walls is punishable.
  • Tampering with electrical fittings is dangerous and those who are indulging in such practices will be seriously dealt with.
  • Students should provide themselves with textbooks, drawing equipment etc…of different subjects as prescribed. They should be regular in the submission of homework, assignment and laboratory records as may be incidental to their studies. The Lecturers and those concerned will check those records and initial in token thereof.
  • Students should not bring magazines and toxic substances into the campus. Any student found to be under the spell of toxic substances will be punished seriously.
  • For admission to the Annual Examination or Examination conducted by the Board of Examination a student should have completed the prescribed course of study and should have put in not less than 80% of attendance of the total number of working hours separately in each of theory, drawing and practical classes during the year.
  • Periodical class tests and sessional examinations in the subjects taught will be conducted and assignments will be given. Attendance at such tests and examinations in theory, drawing and practical is compulsory.
  • A student who is found to be guilty of any malpractice in the tests or examinations is liable for suitable punishment.
  • Students are expected to attend classes in clean and decent dress in keeping with the dignity of a professional institution.
  • All the students are expected to attend the common programme conducted in the college. They shall maintain perfect order and discipline during the programme.
  • No student shall collect money either in the Polytechnic premises or outside from the students or from the staff members or from the public, for any purpose connected with curricular or extra curricular activities of the Polytechnic.
  • Attendance is compulsory both on the reopening and closing days of every semester of the academic year.
  • Everyone is expected to keep the campus clean and cooperate to provide an educative ambience.
  • Parents and Guardians are not allowed to meet the students during class hours. In case of emergency, they should get the due permission from the Principal.
  • Any student who infringes any of the rules and regulations of the Polytechnic shall be deemed to have committed breach of discipline and the Principal may order any of the following punishment:

    • Extra Classes in the Evening (Detention Class)
    • Loss of Attendance
    • Refusal to issue attendance / conduct certificate
    • Suspension
    • Expulsion from the Polytechnic
    • Cell phones should not be brought to the College.

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