The following five clubs are formed for the upliftment of student’s community and student movements. What are you still waiting for, go immediately to 20p roulette demo now is the time to start playing and winning!

  • Media Club
  • Eco Club
  • Prayer Club
  • Social Club
  • Academic Club


Sports Descriptions

The College is committed to promote sports activities towards the all-round growth of its students. The campus has 6000 sq.ft. indoor facilities for Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, Volley Ball and Badminton and out-Door facilities for Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Tennis, Ball Badminton. We have two qualified Physical Education staff to train the students. This is how you can find jocuri casino online gratis. Go through url!

Students sent for participating in the Inter-Collegiate Sports and games have won many trophies in various events. Our Volley ball team is an unbeaten State Champion and has won many tournaments in national level inter-collegiate matches.


Seminars and Symposiums

Each department organizes seminars, symposiums and panel discussions in the inter college and intra college level in understanding with the Principal and keeping in mind the monthly and yearly programme of the college..


Scheme of Examination

Board Examinations in all the semesters under the scheme of examinations will be conducted at the End of each semester by the State Board of Technical Education, Tamilnadu.

Conditions to appear for Board Examinations

  • A student will be permitted to appear for the Board’s Examination only if He/She secures 80% attendance in theory, drawing and practical separately. Leave on medical grounds will not be considered for condoning of attendance.
  • He/She has satisfactorily completed the course of study as required by the regulations of the college and as prescribed by the Board of Technical Education.
  • His/Her conduct has been satisfactory.
  • He/She should have remitted the examination fees and should have registered their application for examination as announced



  • Attendance is compulsory both on the reopening and closing days of every semester of the academic year.
  • No student shall leave the lecture hall during the lecture without the permission of the concerned lecturer. Leaving the hall without the permission of the lecturer may entail loss of attendance for the period.
  • No student shall be absent from the classes without applying for leave and getting the leave sanctioned by the Principal or the person deputed by the Principal
  • The person deputed will collect the leave applications and hand over the leave letters to the Head of the Department.
  • Only the Principal will sanction any leave for more than three days at a time.
  • Students who apply for leave must use only the application form procured from the college office.
  • If a student is absent for more than five days without any intimation he will be treated as absconding and the authorities may dismiss the student.
  • If a student happens to come late, he must meet the Principal or the one deputed for the purpose, get the due permission and then report for classes.

Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit

Each department organizes one educational tour for two days for the third year students. Other industrial visits for a day may be organized for all the students in the department. The head of the department will be directly in charge of organizing such trips.

Co-Curricular Activites

Co-Curricular Activites

Sports and Athletics

Ample facilities are provided for indoor and outdoor games in the Polytechnic. All students are expected to take part in Sports and athletic activities under the guidance of the staff in charge of Sports. Players selected for the college team should attend the practice and coaching regularly

Moral Education

The students will have two hours a month of moral education handled by efficient animators. This is to instill proper values in the students and to enable them to become agents of social transformation.

Audio Visual Education

Audio Visual Aids and Instructional Media Packages are available in the College for introducing variety in the lectures. Educational visuals will also be screened in the Auditorium periodically.

Spiritual Animation

Efforts will be taken to organize prayer, meditation and spiritual experiences with retreats and seminars.


A Counsellor will be available full time in the college premises on all working days. Those who are interested may approach him for counselling.